“but when they participated in actions: they were treated like men”

The PLG of Vancouver has met a number of times over the last month–usually accompanied by Etta James, ‘fuck-off’ bottles of wine, and spite. Here are a look at some of the issues we are analyzing in relationship to librarianship, archivism, and information science:

  • the recent 2011 Vancouver Hockey riot. The ambivalent Canadian identity/façade was quick to be reconstructed with the civic display of citizen dismissal. The ‘apology-wall’ that stood outside the HBC is soon to be preserved and stored in the Vancouver Museum. The wall and the company are representative and emblematic of Canadian genocide–a history we are always too soon to ignore, deny, and forget. If the riot resurfaced anything, it would be the ensuing application of social networking (namely Facebook) to unapologetically surveil citizens and the complicit actions of citizens-against-citizens within this fold; the voluntary civic clean-up crew signified new trends in semiotic labour (voluntarily working overtime) and the effects of Harper cuts to services (sanitation, ambulances…); relationships to private property; the ever-present police presence in the city; the mass media’s attribution of violence to political activism.
  • the PLG of Vancouver is in the process of thinking through how to approach a white paper that addresses the gender politics at SLAIS.
  • the affective experience immigrants have in the program. How opinions might be inadvertently scrutinized or silenced and what we can do about it.
  • the Vancouver problematic.

More to come from our next meeting!

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